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Paper Craft : Chevrolet Confederate Deluxe Sports Roadster

Language : English


- Pattern
- Optional Reverse-Side
- Assembly Instructions

The Chevrolet Confederate was not only a significant model for Chevrolet, but also played a role in the history of General Motors. With the Confederate, Chevrolet, consistently lagging behind Ford in the sales wars, caught up, pulled ahead, and eventually won, transforming the competitive landscape of the auto industry. Chevrolet also became the only profitable GM division. In the 1920s, the competition between GM and Ford heated up. After Ford launched the Model A to replace the original del T, Chevrolet responded with the introduction of a popularly priced model with a six-cylinder engine, overturning the convention of four-cylinder power plants. Both els reflected the trend toward increasingly luxurious cars, with GM opting to upgrade strategic Chevrolet models to Cadillac (luxury) class.In keeping with its 'Baby adillac' nickname, the Confederate was characterized by flamboyant style to rival its V16 Cadillac cousins. With a luxurious interior and an extensive range of features, its specifications also lived up to the 'Baby Cadillac' name. This sports roadster model featured a retractable 'rumble seat' to accommodate rear passengers.[Source: Canon]

3179cm3 water-cooled 6-cylinder OHV engine, producing 60HP; top speed of 113km/h.

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