Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

How to Make Money from Blogging


The whole idea of blogging is somewhat overwhelming to many Internet marketers. The thought of writing fresh content on a consistent basis drives some people away from blogging almost as quick as they get started.

Here’s a thought that might change your mind. What if you were actually making money from your blog?

Would you be more interested in doing it? Here’s 3 easy ways to get your blog ready to make money.

  1. Join Google Adsense and put ads where people can find them. Google offers good tutorials on how to do this. This is easy money because you do not have to sell anything
  2. Join ClickBank and add text link ads in the body of your blog articles. Do this by hyperlinking a keyword phrase to a product from Clickbank.You can also paste in graphics many publishers have made for you. If you do not know how to do this get busy and learn. It is not hard.
  3. Paste a couple of banners to CPA affiliate programs on the sidebar of your blog. This is easy money as well. Join Commission Junction for access to a large variety of CPA Programs in different niches.

As your traffic increases you will actually get other internet marketers wanting to pay you to place their banner on your blog.

If writing content is still overwhelming to you hire a blog writer and let them do it. You can purchase blog articles for around $50 and that will give you a nice steady flow of content to add to your blog every month.

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earn money from blog mengatakan...

thank you for your info, I will try it first. I have long time blogging but not earn money, hehe

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